Thursday, 31 May 2012


I met my mum and sister in Birmingham today again. Amy is going to her 6th form leavers meal tonight and she bought a VERY short dress last night. I feel so old!!!!!!! But she's tried it on and keeps tugging it down! I bought her some fashion tights today that were reduced to a pound and the pattern is similar to the top on the dress. She wanted some underwear and jewellery to wear with it- so a trip to Primark was in order today. I can obviously be trusted to buy underwear! I saw several pieces of jewellery that might be suitable and a white bead bracelet that looks good with what I had on today! So a couple of bracelets were 3 pound. There was also this lovely bag reduced to 3 pound. It will be ideal to take my stuff on the train on the way down to Cornwall. We had an estate car last year and managed to fit everyone's luggage in it (4 cases). The 'new' car won't fit everything- so we will need to take some cases on the train this year. I also found a lovely mug for Emma- I love tea, which has Union Jacks on.

We've invited my family to a 'Jubilee garden party' on Monday- so hoping for nice weather. My niece is cancelling plans she had with her friend- so it needs to be a bit more fun that it was originally going to be, so she isn't sat there wishing she was at home!!!!!!!

My local little Tescos had it's Jubilee stock replenished today- so I had some more bunting and a couple of little flags to put in the gardem. I lost the first flag somewhere between Tescos and the bus stop- so someone else had a real bargain this morning. It wasn't there when I walked back!

My sister bought Holly a card to give to Guy on Fathers Day- when she was buying her cards. We have a very dear couple of weeks in June- Guy's birthday, my dad and my uncles the next day, Fathers Day, my sils birthday and my nephews birthday. So we tend to buy the shop out when we stock up. She also had to check we hadn't bought the same cards -as we have very similar tastes. She bought a 'dad' mug for her 'ex' off Kimberley- and it had a little Union Jack tag on that would be perfect for scrapbooking. I was under negotiations for a different tag to be taped over the incriminating hole left if I had the tag!!!!!!!!!! There is no love lost between anyone in our family and ...........him!!!!! But think I might have to get Guy the mug set- so I can have the tag- that's not unreasonable is it!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh I remember wearing those short short skirts and high high heels, now it's comfort and cover first!

  2. sounds like a great shopping trip, love the bag and bracelets

  3. You certainly got some great bargains

  4. Wow what an expensive time for you!!
    What a lovely Mum you are and so modern too with the fashions :)

  5. ohh lucky amy!!! hope she liked her goodies! i love the bag.. but then i seem to have amassed a collection of bags that i never take anywhere :)

    ill keep my fingers crossed that the weather will hold out for you jubilee party on monday! after all those preps it would be a shame if it got spoilt by rain..

  6. great bargins

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