Saturday, 26 May 2012


These are my favourite toiletries- have a feeling I've used them before. I love the smell of them.

Boring- filing must be one of the most boring jobs.

I was kept entertained during my lunchbreak- by these poor souls being catapaulted into the air attached to some sort of big elastic bands- the opposite of bungee jumping. Our building is quite tall and they were flying past the staff room window. They even had to pay 50 pound for the priviledge!!!!!!

They have an award every week for a staff member and I was really touched that they chose me this week. They thanked me for doing all the overtime, for coming in and getting on with the work without moaning!!!!!! and my coup de grace- managing to lock the safe before I left!!!!!! I'm quite well known for putting the code in before it's ready!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on your reward, well done and glad that all your work was recognised.

  2. well done on the award at work, the jumping entertainmnet would terrify me!

  3. I did reverse bungee jumping in New Zealand. It's true you don't need to have the guts to jump, but Gosh it's quite an experience to be sent as a bullet in the air and when you start falling... Oh Oh !
    Congratulations for your staff award, xx

  4. Oh wow, they are brave!

    Such a deserved award Kim, your blog sends me great feelings that you are lovely so I am not surprised. I am sorry that I haven't told you that before. Your blog posts are great and well thought out, you really take care over them. Well done :) Jen x