Monday, 14 May 2012

That's so...............ME!

I'm not really sure that I've got the right take on today- but this is a real 'sign of me'. Where ever I am there will be some form of reading material. My kindle now lives in my bag incase I find myself with an unexpected 10 mins to delve into a book. This is my latest library book pile. I have read most of them- but need to read another because 6  more books are in transit. I also having some bookshelves that need  pruning- so need to read some of my older books and find them a home.

But if someone was to come into my home- they would be able to tell the 'me' corners of the house- books, scrapbooking, recipe books. My friends dad now saves me his True Crime/Murder magazines- so I have a fresh source of reading material!


  1. Great pile of books Kim. I used to read so much and now I am so busy, I need organization to read one book !
    Glad you like Columbo too and I am also fanatsic of true crime and murders books and series !!!

  2. I love to read too, I always have a book on the go, but am slow to read them now as I only read when I go to bed.

  3. that pile would keep me busy for a very long time. I love to read, my current library book has been renewed and if i dont get a wiggle on it will be renewed for a second time, whoops

  4. lol yup thats you :D you would have loved my old library of books.. i literally had thousands, stacked up, propped up, piled up, squeezed in, squashed under, i used to have them everywhere. nowadays the mere thought of a book has me quivering.. oh well i now have an entire library in my pocket instead :D

    i have the book you sent me on the bedside table and tried to pick it up a few times but i havent even managed to read the first page :( think i might have to rehome it before i actually got to read it, still itll be fun to follow its journey along..

  5. That is a very inviting looking pile Kim :)