Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Woolly 130:365

I've been pondering this one all day. I loved Helen's lamb photos- and I have been keen to go out and find some lambs to photograph for weeks. But Guy is working really long hours and I work Saturdays- so there haven't been as many opportunities to go and find some! The fields by my parents usually have loads of lambs- but they aren't in the fields by the roads this year. We also saw hundreds of lambs on the way down to Southport last month- but not so easy to jump off the motorway with a camera! Anyway- these little ty beanie babies the girls had for Easter have come into their own again. To be truthful- the girls weren't keen on them- and they've been living in the kitchen wondering where to rest their weary heads!!!!!!!

I saw Shimelles latest class on Jo's blog this morning and really don't know how I missed it. It's called Cover to Cover- and she suggests working on our 2012 album. So I toddled off and signed up for the class and have read the prompts I missed and the bonus video and feel really inspired. My scrapbooking has fallen a bit by the wayside this year- and wanted a project that would make me want to scrapbook again.

I also felt inspired by Anne's huge pile of photos earlier this week. I also scrap more when I have new photos to scrap.

So later tonight- I'm going through this years photos so far, making a note of the events that need scrapbooking and all the photos I'm going to need. My 365 photos are going to have an album of their own- but some of those photos will obviously be in the 2012 album too. So I am looking forward to getting a nice pile of photos back from Costco- hopefully tomorrow! The man there knows Guy by name- and always goes to get our photos no matter who is waiting around the kiosks. It pays to be a good customer sometimes!!!!! He knows our orders because I tend to order photos in different sizes for scrapbooking. They do the larger photos quite cheap and sometimes I'll use 9x6 photos. I also print out collage prints of an event. So that is tonight sorted.

Emma is angling for another day off school- she had a bad night last night that I somehow managed to sleep through (dh had to get up!). But I was sooooo short of sleep I think I would have slept through an earthquake. I also slept without the covers- and beginning to think that I just don't like heavy tog duvets- unfortunately dh likes to sleep under tropical conditions and likes the heaviest tog available. I did try to swap the duvet over to a quite thin one- but he noticed!!!!!!


  1. Kim, I can't believe you just had me spend £18, lol.I went to have a look at the Chimelle's class and of course I just HAD to do it too, right?
    I have a ty hedgehog beanie and I love him. They are all so so cute.
    I hope Emma gets better soon. xx

    1. Sorry Anne!!!!! It does look like a great class though!

  2. Easier to photograph then the real ones that move though, lol.
    Good luck with the class and going through all the photos when you get them back.