Monday, 7 May 2012


We went to see my mum and dad this afternoon and I knew she had some plants in woven baskets. This was the view from my OLD bedroom window. Close up of the basket below.

I really didn't have a great nights sleep last night. I woke up at 3 , 4 and then 5 am- and it wasn't down to Emma. I decided to just get up that last time. But I was looking forward to a lie in this morning as we didn't have any plans!

We took Holly's game over to show my parents- as my dad is absolutely besotted with Holly. She bounds in to say Hello, checks to see if they've put any left over roast meat in her dish (she has her own there!) and then runs to sit by grandad- because he WILL go and get the treat jar.  They thought her game was really clever- even though Holly is still using the brute force tactic. She is JUST beginning to figure out that the other side of the game has to move in a different direction. Holly was busy playing in the ball park when others were queueing in the brain queue!!! Guy's dad was saying yesterday what a lovely dog she was- but just too energetic for him to manage. They had hoped to share the care of my sil's dog- but they picked one very similar to Holly and they are just too lively.


  1. I love the photo by the window.
    As of Holly, if any consolation, my girls are very sweet but 100 times too energetic for my parents too. Just by wagging their tail, they almost could make my mum fall over !

  2. hi Kim, I a playing catch up with my comments! Have read back for the missed days and caught up with your life too LOL!!
    Holly is a lovely dog, seeing her makes me miss our old dog Barney, DH and I talked a lot about him as we walked in Cumbria, mind you he wasn't a 'lead'dog and he wouldn't have liked the walking there as a lead is a must becoause of all the roaming sheep.
    Glad you too sometimes think the word is different LOL!!