Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Portrait of a stranger

Unfortunately I've already come back from my stranger mingling hour (at Emma's bus stop). I do sometimes people watch there as you see the same ones. We tend to get there earlier than we need to- so I have at least 15-20 mins to people watch!

 Asimov man fascinates me- he carries a hessian bag, with a clipboard poking out of the top and always reads very old paperbacks on the Asimov strain. He wears teacher type crimplene trousers (teachers from my era - not now)
Bob the builder- waits for one particular bus with his dayglo jacket and various tools!
The '88' ladies- try not to get behind these two. They walk at snails pace and block the entire pavement- so that you can't get past unless you play dodge the car in the road!
Smiley lady- she seems to know everyone and is always so happy and pleasant and tries to strike up a conversation about anything- which always makes Emma scowl.
Cagoule lady- she'd be happier striding up mountains than catching the bus into the city every day.
Schoolboy- he always runs across the busy road every morning and makes huge lorries stop for him with a cheeky wave!

If I'm in daydreaming mode I will sit there wondering where they work- where they are off to!!! In fact this morning I didn't even hear one lady talking to me! Emma gave me a sharp dig in the ribs!

Anyway- I didn't have my camera with me and wouldn't have asked any of them if I could take their photo anyway!!

So today's 'stranger' is my friends dog. She's  an old schoolfriend who now lives in Portugal. Her pretty dog got out and went for a walk on her own - when she shouldn't have, a few weeks ago. She was acting a bit fussy and putting on weight. A vet came out and confirmed that it was a phantom pregnancy. Yesterday they took her for an ultrasound and THAT vet confirmed that there are at least 5 puppies that are due TODAY!!!!!!!!!

She announced it on Facebook by saying which friends were earmarked for a puppy! I can have first pick!!!!!!!!!! lol- if she lived locally and Holly was a more sociable doggy dog- I WOULD be there reserving one. I would sooooo love a puppy. So she's going to put puppy cam on and keep us all informed. Her mum and aunt are arriving today aswell (they are in their 80's).

When the puppies arrive- all the local dogs are 'invited' to a line up to see if they will take on parental responsibility!!! Apparently she only got out for 20 minutes and her husband found her trotting along on her own - with no other dogs around.

It's 30 degrees out there - so poor girl is uncomfortable.

I haven't seen Kate for years- but she was the sort that got you into all sorts of scrapes . She was the one that got me into a sound check and then the concert, dressed in her British Airways uniform when I should have been at school. She worked at a posh hotel and got us in for a look around when the Duran Duran boys were lounging around the pool! She's lived all over the world doing different sorts of exciting jobs she's now the managing director of a marketing and pr company- so she gets to opening nights and posh dinners, famous vineyards etc. She really is the one from my school that you could imagine living that sort of a life.


  1. I absolutely loved your story Kim. Your description of the people at the bus stop is just brilliant as I can see them all now as if I knew them.
    As of the puppy, you should try. Rhea wasn't a puppy dog either but we didn't want her to decide if we are allowed to have a second dog or not. She barked at Bubbles at the beginning and she didn't want her to touch her toys but within 3 days, Bubbles had managed to sleep with her head on Rhea's tummy. She absolutely won her over. Additionally to that, Bubbles has brought a lot of stability to Rhea and companionship and she is less scared when Bubbles is around. Holly could find the same benefit with a puppy? xx

    1. These puppies live in Portugal and Kate has threatened to bring one over with her. Holly is getting better in her old age- but wouldn't like to test out whether she'd see a puppy as a toy!!!!

  2. Love your stories about your bus stop strangers! I bet those puppies are going to be adorable!

  3. A great story. Love your bus stop dreamings

  4. lovely photo, he is adorable. I like to people watch too...shame i dont have net curtains too and then i could twitch, lol

  5. I cannot wait to see those puppies, hopefully Suzie will give you a good prompt for that one :)

    Brilliant observations from the bus stop. It's fascinating wondering what people are doing and where they are going.