Sunday, 20 May 2012


 Unfortunately there is nothing minimalist in our house- so the most minimalist thing is the new lavendar that has a  new planter to himself. I planted him when I got back from my crop today. The last lavendar made an attempt to dominate the whole garden- it was beautiful but left no room for anything else! So hopefully the planter will keep him contained! Guy has worked so hard on the garden- the vicious wild rose is no more- and it's all been chopped into a bin to take to the tip. I've planted most of the new bedding plants and a new hanging basket. The one side of the garden is almost ready to make a new pebble border so that the planters have a new home. We've planted a 'Jubilee' one in red, white and blue IF they all grow at the same time!

Last night I got in from work and was absolutely exhausted- I saw the prompt, but fell asleep before i took a photo. So most of the evening disappeared in a cloud of zzzzz's! I was up early this morning- as I was going to a crop. So I have taken my interior shot there! I sat and shuffled papers around and didn't really get anything done. But I did love looking at all the pretty things everyone was buying. There are some gorgeous papers out there! I treated myself to some Union Jack ribbon for either  a Jubilee page or one from when we go to the Olympics.

I managed to get Guy Water Polo tickets- and we will need to travel down from Cornwall and back in one day. The train tickets are booked. It's not really the event I would have chosen- but I forgot to try and get tickets on the swimming day- and these ones were quite reasonably priced. Guy just wanted to see the whole Olympic village really- and say he'd been. So think it will be a good day. We've got first class train tickets to London- so free coffee and biscuits!

I've also booked the tickets to Cornwall for 4 of our holiday party. By travelling back on the Saturday rather than the Friday we've saved nearly 150 pound. So we've got an extra day on holiday (luckily I managed to get the Saturday off work anyway)

I've got the chance to work every day next week until 1. I've grabbed the chance. I was going to bank my hours- but think I'll ask to be paid, so that we can have an extra meal or somethinsg on holiday. I should also have my training during those hours and be able to take the test I need to pass this month. Guy was saying that I will be able to work in the garden when I get back.

But I'll probably just have time to grab some lunch, take Holly out and run to get Emma off her bus- and then probably collapse in a heap at the end of the day. I only have one uniform- so I will have to wash and iron that too!

Amy has her Biology AS tomorrow- she was very stressed about the Chemistry on Wednesay. But she has decided that Biology has to be the priority- then she'll give Chemistry her best shot- but not stress about it. She'll give it up as a subject- so won't be taking the A2. She's also accepted that Uni is not the only way to get through life. She has the option to try again if she chooses to, she could try OU as an option- but any job she gets will be great experience and a learning curve. All is not lost- because she's found Chemistry a harder hurdle to clear than she hoped.

So I'll be working 6 days this week- a real shock to the system!!!!!!!!! I'm a part time part timer usually!


  1. i dont have much luck with lavender, they always seem to die off, agree with the lack of minimalist house though :)

  2. Lovely post today. Gosh you've been busy !!! xx

  3. I love lavender and I've just bought myself another new plant. I've put it in my herb garden but I'm hoping to get some cuttings from it so I can have border along my drive.

  4. No minimalism here either and no yearning for it either!

    Good luck with the work this week. Jen xx

  5. Wow that sounds busy, but on a dull day we always hanker after something going on don't we!
    Hope Cornwall is weather friendly when you come down..x