Sunday, 13 May 2012

Portrait- Mum

My sister is able to drive again now- so we all went out tonight for a meal. My mum treated everyone- so we tried to get there first for the drinks round and the dessert! They had a chocolate brownie pizza dessert for sharing- and Emma wanted one of those. I wouldn't try it again!

We went to the same pub that Guy and I went to before we got married. I couldn't believe that you have to pay for parking there now, although not on a Sunday. I've never seen a pay and display pub carpark. I can't even imagine why people would be parking there apart from to use the pub. It is in the countryside- so maybe people use it and go for rambles?

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  1. I love your mum, Kim ! Such a beautiful open smile, definitely a nice person ! xx
    In France, if people had to pay for parking and visiting a pub, the pub would be bankrupt within a month !