Thursday, 17 May 2012


I really wasn't sure what to take today. I did meet my mum in Birmingham and had planned to take a 'group' of people somewhere- but it was raining when I got there. So these are some meerkat sweets that my sister sent for me via mum, because I was so poorly with a cold on Sunday she felt sorry for me!

We had a lovely day- we both needed to get shoes and a handbag for my cousins wedding next month. My mum and I, have already picked the same colourway  for our outfit and now we've only bought the same handbag!!!!!! I bought it because it was reduced to 10 pound and was the colour I wanted! My mum bought it because it was the perfect match for her shoes. She seemed to have dismissed it- so I paid for my shoes and handbag- AND a summer jumper in a pretty pink. Then she tried some MORE shoes on and liked them- and this handbag was the perfect match. It was bigger than she wanted- but as it matched so well she bought it. My parents have been invited to the day time- we're only going to the night time, so it's more important that my mum is happy with her handbag. If I don't use mine for the wedding- it's still a lovely handbag.

We seemed to get a lot organised quite quickly- soon time for lunch! I also bought Emma some t shirts from Primark- it's nice for her to get some new stuff quite cheaply.

I HAVE A REQUEST- if anyone shops a lot and happens to see a pretty baby pink or white t shirt with a FLAMINGO on it- could they let me know where they saw it?!!!!!!!! I bought Emma some lovely shorts - which are mint green, but have pink flamingos on them. They probably sound horrible- but will be lovely on the beach. BUT me being very picky - I now want to find a t shirt that probably doesn't exist. I might even resort to a tshirt transfer print!!!! I had one a couple of years ago which would look nice- but she needs slim girl size!!!!!

These are a few of the flowers that are out in the garden at the moment- grouped together.

I've signed up to do the Big Picture 31 Things class- which is a project to scrapbook/journal everyday items. It starts today and the first word is jewellery. I love that my mum is so attached to her wedding and engagement ring. They've been married 50 years, almost and her rings show that they have been worn and treasured for all that time. My engagement ring needs mending- and it's something I really must afford one of these days- but I don't think it's still going to be going strong after 50 years- the settings need extensive work now. Maybe I need a new one for our silver wedding. We didn't pay a lot for it- although it was just what I wanted. So I thought I might do a scrapbook page on my mum's jewellery and how much it means to her. Then I need to take a photo of my wedding ring- which is my main jewellery, apart from the necklace that Amy bought me for Christmas that I have worn every day since!

Then just because they are cute- Flo's puppies on day 2. She looks like such a proud mum- even though she's a baby herself. Kate promised to email me a camera photo soon- rather than the mobile uploads I've captured from facebooK! She makes me laugh because she 'lovingly' calls her mum and aunt 'fossil' one and 'fossil' two. They are so lucky to have arrived in time to see the puppies born.

But the name reminds me of how much a fossil I feel.My new phone turned up yesterday- and although I have figured out how to make and receive calls and texts and have been ON the internet on it- I can't do anything else yet. For some reason I thought I'd pick it up!!!!! The manual is tiny and honestly not much use. We can't get it to load a google account. My new contract isn't due until the end of May and we're not sure whether it has something to do with why we can't get things set up. I did have a text today saying that some part of the bundle was delayed. But it annoys me that I am so technically challenged. I need to wait for Amy to be through her revision and exams and for it to co-incide with a good mood episode and ask her to make sure it's all set up and explain it to me!!!!! I could get Suzi's blog up on it this morning- but couldn't open it up. So think I'm almost there!


  1. Fantastic post today Kim and what a brilliant idea for the word group.
    Can't help on Flamingo T-Shirt I'm afraid but will keep my eyes open !xx

  2. What a great group! I could do with a few meerkats to help me on as I make the dinner :)

  3. I've never seen Meerkat sweets before, I thought they were jelly babies at first. I'm going to look out for them as well as the Flamingo T shirt when I go shopping

  4. great photos, love the meerkat sweets- not seen them before. Pleased you are feeling better and enjoyed your day shopping

  5. Love the colours of the sweets.

  6. love your shot today :) im sure i spotted a flamingo t on the market last week, ill keep an eye out for you!