Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sandy 131:365

A book I've had on the reservation list at the library turned up this week and it fits in with the theme for today. I USED to have a mug that matches the coaster and snack tray and it was one of my favourites. I bought it in Cornwall last year. Emma doesn't take care with mugs etc and we suffer a lot of breakages. I have tried persuading her to use the sturdier ones and try to hide mine on the upper shelves. But she likes pretty mugs too!!!!! So my pretty mugs tend to have a fairly short life, unfortunately.

This photo is my friends dog Roxy- on our recent day trip to Blackpool! She loves the beach and digs in the sand. She found a tennis ball and then searched for rocks in the sand.

One day I really must live nearer to the coast!


  1. You clever! Great interpretation of the word !

  2. lol i thought that was holly for a minute then... youre right i think shes a border colli/german shepherd mix! i bet she would have loved to have a dig around the beach as well!

    Such a shame about your mug.. i know how it feels, my "keep calm and carry on" mug is out of bounds to the boys (its bright pink so luckily quite safe from cj) maybe youll find a replacement next time you go on holidays?