Monday, 14 May 2012

It's Monday- What are you reading?

This week I read a couple of good books.
London Belles by Annie Grafton was the first in a trilogy that I've managed to read out of sequence. It wasn't my favourite of the series- but think it's because I already know the characters well- and this book was setting the scene for the stories I already knew! But she is one of my new favourite authors of books set around the second World War.

The other book joined my favourites list- The Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond. It was set in Cornwall and
follows the staff of a newly inherited cafe. It was a really warming story and I can't wait to discover this authors other books.

The book I am reading now is not a chick lit as I expected - the review is here.
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The Playdate: A Novel

You leave your kids with a friend down the street. Everyone does it. Until the day it goes wrong.For the past few lonely years, Suzy has been the only one to reach out to her neighbor, single mother Callie, and her frail daughter Rae. Suzy welcomed them into her large, apparently happy, family, and has been a rock and best friend to Callie. But it’s time for Callie to find her own way, and going back to work is the first step towards rediscovering her old confidence. But why does she find it so hard to tell Suzy about her new job? And who will look after Rae while she’s gone? Callie’s return to work precipitates a chain of events that reveal the isolation, turmoil, and dark secrets behind the doors of a seemingly peaceful neighborhood. The Playdate is a gripping psychological thriller—a chilling evocation of modern life, where seemingly longstanding friendships are superficial, and overwork and exhaustion lead parents to make impulsive decisions about the care of their children. This is a debut thriller from a striking new talent readers won’t soon forget."

It sounds really interesting- just not the frothy book I thought I'd reserved at the library. I am trying to get the library pile down- so that I can read a few of the older books on the shelves- so they can be 'released' back into the 'wild'! I need to clear a little more space.


  1. I loved The Beach Cafe - she has another book out in the Summer I think. the Playdate sounds interesting.

  2. The Playdate sounds like my type of read - I love psychological thrillers!

    Have a great week!
    Kristin @ Always With a Book