Sunday, 27 May 2012


This prompt could have been included for this house. We've been in the house so long that all the jobs we did with a view to making it saleable- are now due to be done again and we are still here!!!!!! The bathroom is the second bathroom we've put in and we had a real disaster with it. It was down to the last TWO tiles needing cutting- this being one. Not the cut my dad would have advised! My dad used to do all this sort of job for us- so things DID get finished. But he has such trouble with the nerves in his hand he can't even do buttons up anymore. Whether that comes from a life of cutting bricks by hand and bricklaying for his entire career is anyone's guess.

I have made 'rumblings' of getting a 'real' man in to finish the bathroom! My nan always used to say that when my dad had done diy/decorating around the house. That it was if a REAL man had done it- the fact that he was a bricklayer by trade and came from a decorating household didn't make him a real man!!!!!! So it's an expression that is used around here for a job that has been done well!!!!! I am going to post the photo on facebook and that MIGHT get his sister to comment!!! That might also provoke him into finishing it because we don't need a REAL man in!!! It has now been in progress for over a year- so I think it's time that someone finished it off- and if this wasn't such a silly cut I would have tried myself!

We went over to Guy's parents today for 'bangers and mash'- they'd had some speciality suasages delivered! It was lovely to eat outside for the first time this year- and they have a beautiful garden to look out on and an electronic canopy to sit under! It is supposed to put itself away if it gets too windy!

Our garden is almost ready to dig out a bed down one side to make a pebble bed- for my lovely new plant pots! The red and white plants are flowering in the JUBILEE planter- but the blue are nowhere to be seen!

We had to pop into Marks on the way to get his mum's cards and pressie (nothing like being ready!) and they had a 20% off tops- so a couple of the tops I've been stalking every morning before work- are now in my wardrobe!!!!!!

Have to apologise to Anne that I can't get into the comment part of her blog- but have loved the photos of your parents arriving, don't they look lovely in the parent mobile!!!! What a great service too! Hope Rhea gets some wonder medicine soon and that she enjoys your parents visit too!


  1. What a fab day you have had too :)

    It's awful how quickly redecorating jobs come round. I've just stopped thinking of the stair carpet as being new and it needs replacing. Sigh.

  2. As my dad says, you gets the jobs done by starting with the 1st one.Frustrating when there are so many things to do. I couldn't start with all that needs to be done in this house.
    Thank you for your wishes Kim. Don't know what's wrong with Blogger or my blog !

  3. sounds like a great day, hope your blue flowers pop up soon. pleased to hear i am not the only one unable to leave anne a comment (thought it was me)