Thursday, 12 April 2012

Shocking 103:365

It's shocking just how much stuff from dd2's bedroom is all over the house. How did it all fit into her room????? We have boxes full of stuff all over the lounge. I would have preferred the dining room! One box is FULL of swimming medals and shields etc. I'd forgotten how many she had- and maybe this is a box that needs to go into the loft until she has her own place. She doesn't swim at all now- but was training 6 times a week for quite a while. An old schoolfriend posted on facebook at the weekend that her daughter was at the City of Birmingham Open- and it brought back lots of memories!

Just how long does a small room take to strip the paper aswell! It's the worst paper we ever bought- and it's not coming off without a fight. We also have to decide what to do with her wardrobe. Guy had bought 2nd hand doors to go infront of the fitted system she has. When we put it in we had thought that the open plan style would suit her. But soon realised that it was just MESS on show- so it has had floor length curtains to hide it. But the doors don't look great now they are ready to be thought about. I don't think I inspected them before!!! I wish he wouldn't look for bargains on ebay! We're off to pick up an Ikea chair from an ebay purchase tomorrow aswell- and there's nowhere for that to go yet- it's suppose to fit in the newly created space!

Guy's dad has been taken back into hospital. He had a second op a month or so ago- and think some scarring is causing issues at the moment. He had to be transferred to the hospital by us - as they have the scanner they want to use. He has to take antibiotics - and then they want to operate again. Guy went to see him with his mum earlier this afternoon- and I stripped a bit more wallpaper!

I sorted a couple more books for him- as he's run out of reading material, and we can't have that!

The car went in for a service this morning- and to get the fuel pipe fitting checked. But at 4 it had only just gone on the ramps. So not sure how long that will be. Hoping it's not going to be expensive as it looks like we might have another wardrobe to buy!!!!!

Guy's back in work tomorrow- so not sure when Amy's room is going to get done now. I'm not even sure where she's going to sleep either! Her mattress is on the landing at the moment and she's either on the floor in Emma's room- or in the dining room I think!!!!!


  1. What a day you had, Kim !
    When I read all your blogs, I am sometimes happy to only be a "part-time" mum as my step-kids don't have time to put too much of a mess here. Anyway we do that by ourselves very well already !
    I hope you FIL will be OK, x

  2. You certainly have had quite a day today.
    I do hope your FIL's op goes well and sorts things out for him.
    It could be an adventure for your daughter sleeping somewhere else for a while.

  3. Oh Kim it all sounds horrendous or shocking :(

    Think DD will love all this but not good for Guy and you and his Dad :(

    (((Hugs))) and take care xxxx

  4. sending you all hugs. I hope today was calmer for you.