Friday, 6 April 2012

Pastel 97:365

Emma loves pretty colours and as a result her room has lots of pastel things. This is her camper van money box and a ty pig that she used to love. I think he needs a whirl around the washing machine! She's been a bit unsettled today- screaming at me this morning. We've had to remove computer priviledges . I'm at work tomorrow- so I have a feeling she'll get the cable back!!!!! The break in routine away from school is quite hard on her. Although she wouldn't admit it, she thrives on the structured days at school. She'd prefer to spend all day on her computer. But she's being very charming now- offering to do chores! I sometimes wonder whether this is the Emma we would have if she didn't have autism and prone to tantrums!

We are also in the middle of putting new wardrobes in her room- so it is a bit upside down which she finds hard to deal with. Hopefully that will be sorted over the weekend and we can try and sort her room out and keep the clothes hung up ( a novel idea for her to try!). There will be a lot more wardrobe space- and hopefully encourage her not to use the floor as a useful storage area!


  1. I love pink (although it tends to be bright not pastel) and have threatened to buy my niece lots of pink clothes and toys. My Brother and sister in law hate it. But she needs to choose for herself is my logic.

  2. I am not too keen on pink but I love the piggy. I used to have the same one in blue and it was a money box.

  3. I like pink but not as much as my two grandaughters. They mostly dress their girls in Pink. so I've bought the two great granddaughters some pink frilly socks for Easter presents instead of chocolate.