Monday, 30 April 2012

Dessert 121:365

Sunday is 'pudding' day in our house and woe betide us if we've forgotten. Emma's autism makes certain traditions and obsessions 'essential'. I think the pudding one is just because she likes pudding, mind you!!!!! We visited Morrisons for the first time- and bought lots of different things for the first time, including a meal deal with a Tiramisu dessert. Emma didn't like it- so we won't be buying that one again- even if everyone else quite enjoyed it. I didn't take a photo- so I decided to search out a recipe in one of our many recipe books. The iced doughnut is also in shot- waiting for Emma to get home from school. It's been put on the plate for the photo- it's in a box until then!

I have been trying to cook a new recipe every week- but have fallen behind. We tend to eat a lot of the same things week in, week out. Before we went shopping I made a list of ingredients for several new recipes- so hopefully this week we'll start to catch up a bit. I also lost the notebook I was collecting all the new recipes we've tried. So I'm not really sure how behind we were! I bought a chorizo sausage for the first time- so looking for the recipe that required that!!

I also forgot to book the American Diner with the groupon voucher we had. I thought they were open last night and they were only open until 5. We're eating in a different style restaurant every month. So rather than give up on that challenge- I'll book it for tomorrow or Wednesday and just book the Thai restaurant in May aswell.

It's lovely and bright today- which makes a nice change. It means that Holly wants the back door open- so it's not that warm!!!


  1. its lovely to see the sun isnt it. Sounds good to have a pudding day too, hope Emma enjoys the doughnut!

  2. We have some sunshine too although the clouds seem to be hurrying back. I love doughnuts, just the word makes me want one. I said it, it's such an unfair word today !

  3. Yum I love chorizo