Monday, 2 April 2012

Childhood- 93:365

I've already taken a lot of photos that would have been suitable for today! We are in the middle of getting the girls bedrooms ready for makeovers- so yesterday a lot of little items were sorted out of drawers and wardrobes! This little collection reminds me of various stages of the girls childhood.

The cherished teddy was a christening present. I went mad on cherished teddies for a while. It started when we had a short holiday in Dartmouth just after we'd discovered we were having twins- and we saw a little ornament of two teddies in sailor suits. I had always wanted to have sailor suits/dresses for my children- so it seemed like a little sign that we needed that ornament!

Their first bedroom after nursery decorations was all Forever Friends. It was pink and lilac and sooooo pretty. They had a couple of these little teddies and the duvet etc.

Emma's mini has already featured- but is something we're keeping!

The 'Amy' is Amy's velcro nameplate from nursery. As they arrived they had to collect thier name and put it on the board for that day. The 'mummy' is part of their flash cards (think this one was saved to be scrapped one day).

The books are another reminder- Little Miss Sunshine is really cute. They used to love the Little Miss books and they were a perfect size for little ones. The bird book was a modern day I spy and we had various ones. The other one was a series of stories about shetland ponies.

The other idea I had was the childhood sweets that I remember- and I may have to pop down to the local shop for a packet of 'refreshers'!!


  1. Such sweet photos Kim ! Who doesn't like a soft cuddly teddy ?

  2. Love the idea of velcro name tags. What a lovely collection of momentoes

  3. Lovely details of their early days. Great collection

  4. great collection and all representing different parts of childhood, love the teddies!

  5. What a lovely collection of memories

  6. A lovely collection. charlotte's first bedroom was forever friends, i even joined their fan club for her she was never interested in them lol