Friday, 20 April 2012

Flag 111

I haven't been anywhere exciting today- where they might have flags flying. So I was scratching my head a bit!!!!! One of the houses round here does fly two flags- but I didn't want to walk around with the camera! They might have thought I was planning a bit of breaking and entering!!!!!

Amy's boxes of treasured possessions- are ready to go back into her room. I don't think she wants them back in her room- but I DEFINATELY don't want them in the lounge either!

I knew she had a Union Jack photo album for her birthday- to put photos of her 18th birthday year in. But on it's own - it was a bit flat!!!! So I delved a little further and found a pennant flag from her swimming days and one of the 'medals' she won. Her swimming club presented the winners with engraved glass paperweights in a presentation box- that could stand on a lit crystal base. One of my facebook friends posted that her daughter was at the City of Birmingham Open over Easter and it brought lots of memories back- so quite an apt photo!

I must tell Anne- that Holly loves the dog toy that I bought after seeing hers on her blog!!!!!!! We got the older version which is wooden. Holly isn't the brightest button in the box- and tries to use brute force, but is beginning to get the hang of one side!!! She hasn't yet figured out that the other side needs to go in a different direction. So we'll see whether she learns to figure that out!!!! I only mention that- because this morning Holly was really fussing around me. I checked she had water and her breakfast- and she wanted to play her game!!!!!!!!!!!

Mum is taking my sister up to her house on the bus today- as she's having internet withdrawal. The district nurse was hoping that someone else in the house was a driver- so that she could start using the surgery for her wound dressing. She also said that she should be going out a bit more- as it will build her strength.


  1. Kim, that's fantastic that Holly likes playing the game ! I find it very handy for days like today when it's pouring down and they get a bit bored as they can't go to the garden. At the beginning, Bubbles was also using a lot of force and everything would fly, then she understood. It will come for Holly too !
    I love the Birmingham flag a lot !
    Good that your sister can start going out a bit, just a pity there isn't more sun !

  2. Great photo. your daughters stash was very helpful today. Does it make up for being in the dining room

  3. Great job rummaging though your daughter's stuff - I'm sure she will be thrilled lol!