Thursday, 19 April 2012

Catch up!!!

I've had a real disaster with my camera again. The 'new' one I bought on ebay has developped a zoom error and just spends its time zooming the lens in and out. I've had a look online and the particular model that I 'wanted' has issues with the zoom- and I've seen that the scratch on my last camera was probably caused by the lens cover design fault. So I am going to try writing to Panasonic and see if we can either get a repair done on one of the cameras or some sort of help. It's the 4th panasonic camera we've bought- and we've also had a video camera and tv from them aswell. So we've been pretty loyal customers. I love the lens and zoom on my little panasonic and dh says we've got to wait until we can afford a new camera now with a guarantee- with a similar lens quality- but not necessarily a panasonic unfortunately. It won't be any time soon- as I probably overpaid for the last one I bought. I've had to use my dslr which doesn't like me very much - and I know I've managed to get it on a wrong setting- but don't know what I've done! Dh is a bit busy with Amy's decorating and we've been here, there and everywhere this week.

I had a gorgeous day in Southport and Blackpool on Monday. Emma and I stayed at my friends overnight so we could make an early start. My camera played up as soon as we got there. Karen let me use her camera as I'm suffering 'withdrawal' without a camera- but she hasn't uploaded them yet!!!!! Natalie had an interview to be a Bluecoat and she did quite well- but unfortunately hasn't been selected this time round. It was her first audition- hopefully she'll get something soon. Not one of my photos unfortunately- but it was a really wonderful day walking round Blackpool.

Todays photo is the keyring for the front door. It's a little teddy with my birthstone- a sapphire. He's tiny - but very cute.

This isn't the same tree that I took earlier in the year- he doesn't look much different yet. It's the one opposite the bus stop in the morning. It's a huge tree and I can't wait to see how he changes over the year.


There is some very pretty tree blossom around- the other day I thought it was snowing when the tree blossom was falling heavily in the garden! I had wanted to take our rhodedendrum- which is busy flowering for the second time this year. It's so pretty. But it's pouring with rain!

This is a place I don't really want to see in the near future. Guy's dad has been discharged- but will probably need an operation sometime soon. Hopefully they will sort the problem out.

I still need to take a photo for Bold- I am going to take a photo of Amy's new wallpaper which is pretty bold for us. But I can't get one in focus today- all my photos look like I had a liquid lunch!!!!!


  1. I love your Teddy Kim. Bad luck with your camera. It looks like you got gremlins on your blog too.X

  2. i love the little teddy, good luck with getting your camera sorted.

  3. What rotten luck with your camera, hope that you get some good news. Your teddy is really sweet.

  4. I love your little teddy. Bad luck with your camera. I hope you resolve things soon

  5. Great photos Kim, i'm sorry too about your camera, what a nuisance doesn't really cover it when you are doing a photo challenge does it? Jen xx