Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blackpool Tower

I didn't take this photo today- but I've got to use it for todays theme!! Last week my daughter had a teacher training day after the Easter holidays- which meant we were free to tag along to the seaside with my best friend and her daughter. She was auditioning at the Pontins in Southport. I absolutely love the coast- so because we were free it was a great excuse. We had a 'sleepover' at Karens because she wanted to make an early start. Natalie let us use her room and we had an inflatable bed on the floor! Roxy- the dog came bursting in to say Good Morning. We took a picnic and set off for the sea!!!! We went into the entertainment hall with Natalie and there were a few youngsters of similar age looking very nervous. Some with their mums- and a few on their own. Natalie got talking to another girl who was auditioning to be a dancer. So we left them- after wishing them all good luck. Unfortunately Natalie didn't get through this time round- but she was called for an interview after her audition so she obviously shows promise. She was my photo of the day on Saturday after her first paid singing gig- and she was also in her school production of Romeo and Juliet in the same week. So hopefully her dream will come true. If she doesn't get her dream job before she leaves school- she has got a place at Uni. She's not sure yet whether she'll be taking that up. Anyway- after her audition we headed off to Blackpool for the afternoon. It's years since I was in Blackpool and that was a very busy Bank HOliday weekend. It was great to see the place in the Spring- because you could walk along the beach. Karen let me use her camera whilst we were there- as it was the day that my camera broke. She uploaded them to Facebook for me the other day- so I can use them now!!!!
A very rare photo of Emma smiling- in front of the tower.
Roxy digging for rocks on the beach. If Roxy and Holly were friends (which they aren't)- Holly could have come along too. But we couldn't risk arguments in the back of the car and poor old Roxy being traumatised by the bully dog!
The Big wheel on the pier. We had a lovely day. We got to walk on three beaches and spend time with a lovely friend and her equally lovely daughter. It was such a breath of fresh air to get to do something fun on a 'schoolday'! Karen travels to different parts of the country quite a lot in her new job. She's just driven past the Angel of the North- which is on my wishlist to see!!!!! She does say that I could tag along and be dropped off to take photos whilst she does her business meetings. But unfortunately I can't ever not be here to meet Emma, Guy is very tied to the holiday he can take and wouldn't be fair to ask him to take a day, so that I can go somewhere! I can count this as one of our walks- actually could be three walks! We walked absolutely miles through the sand dunes in Southport and Blackpool beach is a mile long I think- and we walked along and back. We even found a shop that made rock daily- unfortunately only on Thursdays the week we went!!


  1. What a lovely time you had, Kim ! It's these moments that make life beautiful, isn't it?
    I am actually proud of myself because my British geography and knowledge is rather poor, but when I saw the top of your photo, I thought: Blackpool. Yeah !

  2. What a great story of a lovely time! We were just talking here the other day about how we had never been to Blackpool and we needed to do something about it!

  3. Kim lovely photos of a great time. We very rarely visit Blackpool. I think it is because it is so close to us and we used to visit alot when Claire our daughter lived there for a while

  4. lovely photos, sounds like you all had a great time

  5. Great photos and story. You look as though you had lovely weather as well. xx

  6. Super photos. I've only been to Blackpool once for a long weekend, but loved it x

  7. Wow sunshine - what a tonic in these rainy days. Lovely photos, must go back to Blackpool, haven't been there for year.

  8. Just to add Kim, re your comment on my blog. I share your mug fetish and my DH just sighs a lot!! Do you like odd mugs too - I never buy a whole set! Anyway, enough ramblings, it came from Morrisons. Let me know if you can't find one and I'll see if they have more.

    1. I do buy mugs in singles- but also like to have one set that are a set (they don't all have to be the same - but a set in some way!!!!). I shall have to find our closest Morrisons!!