Sunday, 29 April 2012

lights 120:365

I had no idea what to take today. If it had been a bit nicer we could have gone somewhere to find some pretty street lights. But it has rained all day and it's freezing. I did want to pop to BHS to find one of their lights- but without the little camera we'd have been a bit noticeable. Roll on  next month when I can upgrade my camera and get one that I can upload photos from! Anyway- this is the dining room light shade. Most of the others are very plain. This one is like spun wicker.

I found our local Morrisons today on the hunt for the Union Jack mug that Ali bought earlier in the week. 120 pound later I walked out without a pretty mug!!!!!!! They did have some lovely offers on- and think I'll go back to Morrisons another time!


  1. I think this light is gorgeous. It has been pouring down here too. I hope Holly is OK. x

    1. Holly is fine thank you- she hated the weather yesterday. She's already asking for her walk (or her game)- so as soon as I've spoken to my mum, we'll be heading out hopefully! It's looking promising.

  2. A really pretty light, Kim. It looks like spun sugar

  3. I love that spun wicker with the light shining through - super photo x

  4. sounds like a good shopping trip even if you didnt get the mug. lovely light

  5. A lovely shade . Hope you find the mug soon