Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lots and Lots 99:365

What else could it be today- but lots and lots of chocolate!!!!!! We've all got one egg. Mine came from work (well the Easter Bunny with a little help from the Branch Manager!) and Guy was given an egg by his boss. Then his boss gave him another two for the girls.

They did used to get lots of chocolate- but now it's money to get whatever they want!

I know Guy bought the ingredients for a full English Breakfast this morning- so that will be a nice start to the day.

Later- we are hoping to finally finish Emma's wardrobe. It's just waiting for the last door to be assembled. The frosted glass panels have to be built into an aluminium frame and apparently there are millions of little pieces that need fitting into the door frame. I love things from Ikea!

Next week we should be attempting to decorate Amy's room. She is supposed to have boxed everything so that we can actually get to the walls- but as usual she waits until way past the last minute- and the boxes are still unassembled - let alone ready to move. She hasn't picked a colour scheme OR paper. We have got a seat cushion in the Ikea sale- just need to buy the seat now!

Guy is off next week- apart from Thursday. So we are hoping to go out a couple of days. We have tickets for a bird place in Shrewsbury where we are hoping to use the cameras. Emma wants to go to the safari park and I'd love to see the penguins there! But that won't leave a lot of time for decorating.

Happy Easter everyone- hope you have a great day.

Loved this on facebook!


  1. Gosh you do have a lot of chocolate eggs. Enjoy!

  2. Happy Easter to you too. Love the ty animals !

  3. Lovely lovely eggs. I'm glad to see you've finally finished the wardrobe. Perhaps Amy is waiting for insperation for her colour scheme. These things have to be thought out very carefully. don't they!!!
    Happy Easter to you all as well. It sounds like you are going to have a good time next week,I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.

  4. Belated happy easter Kim. Loooks fab :)