Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Clutter 101

This is the perfect prompt for today or yesterday. It was mission accomplished in Emma's room- it is lovely and tidy and organised. BUT we are left with three huge bags with the dvds and cds. We need to decide how to organise them. She is and always has been a horror with media items. When she had videos- they would be all over the floor with boxes that didn't correlate to the videos on the floor- also on the floor. When she swapped over to dvds we thought it would solve the problem- as they were less bulky. But she still takes things out of boxes, uses them as coasters and gets them sticky, scratches them. Then she'll need an urgent trip to a shop to replace a vital disc that would be fine if she'd look after them.

So we are faced with deciding the best way to organise these discs. A lot of them will probably have to be chucked away. I might go and buy lots of cheap dvd cd carrier cases from the Poundland. She has a nice leather case that holds hundreds- but it's really heavy when it's full. Whatever system we use isn't going to help really.

I had to laugh when I looked at the photo. Holly has 'packed' a ball into one of the bags- she must think we are going on holiday!!!!!!! Whenever the cases come downstairs to be packed- she always packs a ball in the corner. She's the only dog I know who does her own packing! It's one of her favourites too!

eta: We've managed to get Amy to pick a colour scheme- have bought the paper and narrowed a selection of duvet covers and curtains. I couldn't believe the price of the paper! One roll was 20 pound- and I said that it was a bit dear and the next one I selected was 50 pound!!!!!!!!! We've managed to pick 2 papers. One for the 'accent' wall in a maroony purple design and the other paper picks out the colour of the flowers. She has the smallest room- but think this will make it look quite classy!!! Her room is well overdue decorating. It was quite painless too!


  1. Hope you find something for the DVD's, and what a clever dog.

  2. lol I can relate to this, I feel so much better knowing Daniel isn't the only one.

  3. Lol at Holly for packing her own suitcase !

  4. PS: You seem to be on Blogger too. How come you can reply to comments and I can't on my blog ?

    1. Blogger is really odd! I can't always get into the comment section on mine and other peoples blogs!

  5. What a funny dog. I assure you that the problem of stray DVDs and CDs is widely spread.

  6. Glad you have chosen the colour and paper. I know what you mean about the price of paper!! We had a fit when we bought our hall paper at £20 a roll too, it is years since we had bought paper :)

  7. Family life is fun isn't it. I love Holly she is adorable. I'm glad you've found the paper for Amy.

  8. My son is always confused and cross at his games that don't work as they are so scratched when he picks them up from his 'nasssty' bedroom floor lol.
    Well done on getting it done. We are trying to face up to the fact that we need to get some things done around the house.....