Monday, 9 April 2012

Gentle- 100:365

My dh and I have spent the day trying to organise and clean my daughters bedroom. Her clothes are hanging in her new wardrobe and the old furniture that was in there is being redeployed!!!!!! Her computer has had a spring clean and her dvds are all in bags in the lounge ready to be sorted. She is a 'mess monster' and it has taken both of us most of the day. She had a little bookcase in her room that there is no longer room for. So I have to either rehome them all or save them somewhere.

She has a little slip case of 3 books by Jane Hissey. They are lovely gentle story books and I can't bring myself to chuck these out. Dare I say I need to start a grandchildren box?!!!!!! She has a built in cupboard that at the moment has a chest of drawers infront of it. It was my secret hidey hole for my stash of books that dh can't stand. He thinks my kindle means that they should all have gone to the tip!!!! So when he isn't looking- these 'gentle' little books will hide back in the cupboard until they are needed one day!!!! We need an extension- but the neighbours don't tend to be too happy when you have a terrace house!!!

I've escaped to start cooking tea- because he's become a little bossy- and I'm not great at taking orders!!!!!! So in the interest of peace I'm having a coffee break and will then get started in the kitchen. 'His way' is the 'only way' when you are working on a room- so it's best that I leave him to it now!!!!!

Tomorrow we've got to start again in Amy's room. We should be decorating- but she's not cleared the room yet- so we'll need to start on that. Then we need to go shopping to choose paper and a new duvet and curtains. She also wants a chair from Ikea. It will be nice to see both bedrooms clear and tidy for a change and we're hoping they will keep it tidy. At the moment all the mess is in the lounge waiting to be sorted into either a rubbish, car boot or back into the room neatly pile!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love these books, they are so pretty.
    My mum kept some from when I was little, so that's some 50 years ago and I still have this strange feeling in my stomach when I look at them.
    I agree with you, books are not to be thrown away, so fight your DH, LOL ! I have a Kindle too but it will never replace the beauty of some books and the wonderful feelings attached to them.

  2. oh agree, i love thos stories, a must have keepsake for the grandchildren....although i am saying that about everything at the moment...i dont want to part with the pram I got 10 years ago and have used for 3 children.

  3. I have no excuse over children's books. I have no children but just love children's books for myself. My niece will only be allowed to look at them supervised when she is older as sorry the words might be kids but mine are definitely for grown ups only.

  4. My daughter's room was such a tip that I went around it leaving little post it notes from the room saying how sad it was that it was so dirty and untidy. Made us laugh and I have to be honest it has kept her a lot tidier than she was :0)

  5. I kept books from my childhood that I have used with my DGC :)
    Love your hidey hole too!!

  6. Your daughter sounds like our youngest, Jenny, she is 30 now and has 2 little boys of her own. I think she is a bit tidier now but when she was at home her room was terrible. cups, plates left on the floor, clean washing mixed in with the dirty clothes. You couldn't see the floor. I used to keep the door closed on it all as I couldn't stand it. Your hubbie also sounds like mine, his way is the only way, but he's a love really.
    Good luck with the next room. Your lounge sounds like my conservatory and spare bedroom