Sunday, 22 April 2012

Precious Memories

Tonight was all about creating precious memories for my best friend and her daughter. Natalie had her first 'paid' professional singing gig at the pub where she works. We all went along to listen and show support. She has a lovely voice and would love to sing professionally. She had an interview to be a Blue coat this week- and I think she'd be wonderful. Unfortunately they said no this time- but hopefully once she's got a few auditions under her belt the right job will be out there for her. She's going to try the cruise liners aswell. My dh said it was just like going to see one of our own daughters perform- as we've known her since she was a baby. Her boyfriend and his family were there to support her- and he didn't take his eyes off her once. He's totally besotted! It was the first time we'd seen him- but they look like a lovely couple. Fingers crossed that one day we'll be able to say ' We were there'- when we see her perform somewhere on a big stage!!!!!!


  1. Well you certainly were right to wait for this as your precious today! What a sweet story, I wish her all the best from here, don't let her give up.
    Jen xx