Friday, 13 April 2012

Petal 104:365

The pansies are still busy flowering away- so here's one of the little faces!

I must be mad- because although we still have Amy's stuff all over the place, I decided that today would be a good day to organise one of the cupboards. I am 80% through and have run out of enthusiasm. I'm having a tea break and I'll go and put the rest of the stuff back! I'm trying to sort a bag for a car boot sale- to see if we can raise some money for something!

We're off to pick up the chair that Guy won on ebay. IT's one of the IKEA poang chairs- and we bought a new cushion/seat in their sale. I would love to go and buy Amy's new duvet and curtains aswell- even though it's nowhere near ready. Guy's hoping to start the papering tomorrow and it's only a small room. The downside is that is has alcoves and the old boiler pipes boxed in- so not a nice square room.


  1. I love pansie, they are so pretty.
    Believe me, Kim, if the bleeding hearts can grow in my garden, they will grow in yours !

  2. I bet you will be pleased when the room is finished.The pansy is a lovely colour

  3. Lovely little pansies, with their pretty little faces.

  4. Wonderful colours and a great photo. You are doing so well with your decorating ours seems to be going on forever I have stripped the walls but now need to clean them very thoroughly as we are changing form paper to paint and the slightest bit of left over paste wrecks the paint.