Friday, 27 April 2012

Art 118:365

Most of our art is beach/sea related- apart from the lounge. My dh spent a lot of his childhood in various African countries as his parents worked for Dunlop overseas. Therefore he has a passion for anything African. His sister has many authentic African things in her house. I love the colours in this picture. We have some smaller ones by the same artist- but this is the only one up at the moment as the other spots have been taken by canvas's of Holly!!!!

I had trouble taking any of the other pictures upstairs as it's too dark and dismal today and can't get enough light in and there was flash flareback. This one isn't flash- but the glare off the glass. It's one of my favourite pictures- another artist I really love. We bought several pictures by this artist in Cornwall and also birthday cards. It is 3 little girls sitting in the sea- and at the time my daughters and my niece were similar ages to those in the picture!


  1. That African print is gorgeous and the colors are very beautiful. DH was born in Zimbabwe and he also likes anything African.

    1. Dh spent a lot of time in Zambia and in Zimbabwe. We visited both when we went to see his parents. Zimbabwe was such a pretty country around the Vic Falls area that we stayed in.

  2. I think both are beautiful and have tales to tell

  3. Both are wonderful - I wish I could paint something similar. The water in the second one is so real and the colours in the first one fill you with energy.

  4. The African painting is lovely. I love the vibrant colours of African art.
    The little girls in the sea reminds me of my girls when they were little.