Thursday, 28 June 2012

Free choice

This photo wasn't taken today- but when I left work the rain was coming down like a wall of water and I was wading through a stream on the High Street- so any chance of something in the city centre was a no go!!!!!

This was Emma at the Chinese. They had a candy floss machine and we kept seeing people coming back to their seats with HUGE candy floss. Emma does love candy floss- but rarely has one. But Guy went to get one- and came back with one that she disappeared behind!!!!!

I posted this one yesterday as part of the collage at the Thai restaurant. I thought my starter was almost too pretty to eat. It sounded different to what arrived- basically sesame prawn toast. But it was absolutely delicious!

Emma's school had to send half of the pupils home because the rain flooded the main part of the school. Emma is in a different block- so no unexpected time off for her.

Amy had a lucky escape today in a way. She and a friend walked past a car indicating right and as they walked past, a car from behind ploughed straight into it and the car travelled a distance. Amy was right by it on the pavement. When they looked back- the first car was one of their teachers. So they had to stay behind to give witness statements. Her teacher has a sporty soft top with less damage- but the air bags in the car behind were deployed and an ambulance called. He is saying that the first car wasn't indicating- but Amy says she was.

oops- just noticed the time. I have got to go and COOK tonight!!!.


  1. She is really beautiful!
    Congratulations for a great photo!

  2. pleased everyone was ok in the accident, hope Amy takes it in her stride and manages with being a witness.
    The food does look lovely and that is a big candy floss! :)

  3. Great photos and I cannot believe how different our weather can be! xx

  4. lovely photo of Amy but what an awful thing to happen today! Glad no one was hurt in the accident and sorry that you have had rain today:(

  5. I agree with everything Lynne said.