Monday, 18 June 2012

Hudon's Diaries- Day Four

Hi- It's Hudson again. We had big trouble with google locking us out of our account last night and mum's phone needing charging before we could get the code to put in!!!

Anyway- I let you into my little secret last night- I met a nice girl monkey at Nanny's yesterday. We got on really well- and she might become my girlfriend!!! Nanny hasn't ever given her a name- so she just goes by monkey!!!


Holly is getting jealous of all my photo sessions. She rushed into this one with the duck she plays with at Nanny's! She's so vain isn't she!!!!!!

My nan told me that if I want to take Monkey out on a date I need to start saving some pennies. She pointed me to the mini piggy bank that lives on her fireplace and I put my first savings away!!

I thought I might take her out for a nice cup of PG Tips- it really is the best drink out!Here's me with my morning cuppa!

Nanny told me that Monkey might prefer to go to a cafe where they serve the tea in dainty cups- so I had a little practice whilst mum was washing up! Think it might be expensive to drink it in cups this size!!!!

Nanny helped me drink my tea from her china mug- apparently these girls are quite partial to daintier mugs!!!!!

I had a great day and looking forward to a bit of a rest today whilst Mum does some ironing. Shhh- I did notice that Moomin does the ironing- but didn't tell  Mum.


  1. I like your pictures. Congratulations!
    Hugs for Hudson!

  2. Ooh Hudson. A girlfriend? Perhaps you could take her out for tea in China cups

  3. Hudson is priceless, your humour comes right through xx

  4. Hudson what a lovely day you have had, meeting a new girl and drinking tea. Shame Holly is a little jealous maybe she could go with you on your date???

  5. Love that last photo with the mug.

  6. Oooo Romance. You go Hudson lol :D