Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Antique little girls!

Nannies are just 'antique' little girls!!!!!

I love this quote and this photo of my mum- our antique little girl!!!!!!

It's Guy's birthday today and Holly was very keen to help him open his presents. She's the one that gets the most excited at Christmas- and she can smell when there are sweets and chocolates!

                                         You can just tell how much he loves his dog!!!!!!!!

I got him the Olympic tickets and Orbit Tower tickets and a t shirt. We were going to go out for a meal tonight- but his sister suggested that we all go out next Monday. It's my nephews birthday- but they will both have finished their exams by then- so a double celebration. He's watched Football since he got home- thrilling! But he has control of the switcher because it's his birthday! His brother is now on the phone and his sister is on her way over aswell.


  1. I love the antique little girl !
    Happy Birthday Guy !!!
    When it's the birthday of somebody, the girls try to help them open their presents too. Hope you both have a great evening.

  2. Happy Birthday Guy!
    Yes Holly looks excited.

    I love the Antique Little Girls. I'll try it on my Mum today see how it goes down :)

  3. Happy Birthday Guy!
    I love the antique little girl, too!
    Excellent shot!
    Congratulations for the great pictures!

  4. lovely pictures, sounds like a great day, enjoy your meal next week.