Monday, 4 June 2012


Everything was red, white and blue around here today. The jubilee cupcakes! We had our garden tea party and luckily we did see the sun and manage to get into the garden. Natalie- my friends daughter- provided live music for us- and Amy played her guitar along to an Adele song. She'd wanted her grandma to hear her playing for a while- as she's taught herself and is a good little player now. Adele was the compromise between Amy and Natalie. Natalie doesn't like Adele- but Amy can play Adele, so she sang one for us. My niece also sang the song from Hairspray that she is singing at her next stage show. Guy's mum and dad popped in on their way to a Jubilee Hog Roast- and Guy's mum had Jubilee leggings on.

I had one solitary little blue flower doing his best to appear today. I planted lots of blue lobelia- but this one seems to be the only one who got the invitation  to the party!

The dining room- the red and blue alcohol that I found and the little gingerbread men.

We watched Kimberley's dancing show yesterday- it was the first time she danced 'en pointe'. She's wanted to try that for years- but her old dance group didn't do it. Her new dance group does a lot more ballet. It was the best dance show we've seen- very well choreographed. The little tots stole the show with a fetching Nellie the Elephant routine.

It was a Keep Calm and Carry on Dancing- and several 'older' dancers kept appearing and doing routines including a burlesque routine. It became apparent that they were the teachers! Kimberley's teacher seemed to appear in almost everything. They did a Zumba routine- and I have NO IDEA how anyone does an hour of that!!!!!!! It was Jubilee themed and was a very entertaining show. They had songs from Wartime Britain - a comic routine to Knees up Mother Brown. It was a very entertaining show.

I am watching the Jubliee Concert outside the Palace on telly now. I still have a couple of photos to take from this weekend. I couldn't take photos yesterday.


  1. That is so nice to have such a great time. May be I should start organizing tea parties too, lol. !

  2. great photos, those cakes look lovely

  3. Oh wow, it all looks so fabulous, those cupcakes are cracking!

  4. Great pictures! Congratulations on your excellent choice!

  5. What great themed pictures.. I wish we could see those jubilee leggings up close!!