Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Still Life

I wasn't sure what to take today. In the end I've had to go with the sushi bar at the Chinese. Not really a still life- but a great photo for today!!!!!! Guy's parents took us out to celebrate his birthday because they were away on the day. He'd requested they sit us somewhere quiet for Emma- so she had a great time too!

Amy enjoyed the rides at Alton Towers today- and we picked her up at my sil's after the meal- so it's been a long evening!!!!!!!!


  1. This sushi bar looks really good !
    Glad Emma and Amy both had a great time !xx

  2. A great photo!
    /I have not eaten sushi. There are, of course, restaurants that offer it. Maybe someday I'll try sushi./

  3. great photo and sounds like you all had a great time.