Friday, 15 June 2012

Same - but different

I love this idea. I posted on Suzis blog that I used to love the toy character blogs that I used to follow a few years ago- and Lynne said that she was part of that!!!! Small world! So I am going to use my PG Tips monkey - as he tends to hang around anyway. I would LOVE one of the hiker costumes for him (off the telly!).

Sooooo- introducing Hudson .I picked his name after one of the puppies my friends dog had recently. He used to eat and sleep and twice the size of the other 2. He has quite a waiting list of prospective adpotive mums! The downside is that he lives in Portugal!!!!

Hudsons Diaries!!!!!!!!!! DAY ONE

Hi- I'm Hudson and I understand that I am going to have a few adventures this week. I live here with Kim- and she has a scary dog that keeps trying to adopt me. I've heard that she's not that maternal (the dog that is!!!!!). I've been told that I look like the PG Tips monkey and my mum wants to make me some little hiking boots and shorts like the summer monkey on tv!

                                                     Here's my cute little face- my portrait.

Anyway - Kim escaped to Costco with her friend Vikki last night. Not only that- but they popped into the Range aswell and she bought ALL this stuff. She's supposed to be good and not buy any more crafting stuff. I have threatened to hide in the crafting cupboard to shame her into organsing and pruning it all. Apparently this is all Portobello stuff and she has plans for a few Jubilee and Olympic layouts and all this stuff was necessary!!!!!!!!!! Guy really WON'T be happy- we're supposed to be having a mass clear out of books and craft supplies and then this lot sneaked in whilst he was out!!!! So here I am pretending to be Crafting Hudson!!!!


  1. Well done on your intro!
    Hello Hudson, you will have to go and meet Clemmie and tomorrow and become friends with him. He has been a little lonely except for blue cats company.
    Ask kim if you can blog and go and find him!
    lovely to meet you
    Lynne xxx

  2. Kim just read your comment, the papers Anita chose for us had hexagonal shaped patterns on 1 piece of paper! They were Follow your Heart range from My mind's Eye

    Hope Hudson didn't read for too long LOL Clemmie got up to all sorts that year and did a fair bit of travelling too!!

  3. Lovely to meet you Hudson, good job you can keep all Kim's secrets.

  4. Hello Hudson I have a friend just like you, My grandchildren love him. He hasn't got a name yet so we need to come up with some ideas. My Jack and Jill and their friend will become good friends with you I hope.

  5. Hello Hudson, welcome to the 365 Challenge. I have a feeling you will fit in just great :)

    I hope you can help Kim hide her new papers, such a bad girl. xxx

  6. nice to meet you hudson...craft things are always necessary, look forward to seeing the LO's created, maybe you could help Kim with that??

  7. That looks fun. I'm not someone who has toys around the house, but will enjoy seeing yours.

  8. Hi Hudson.. I think more people are going to be blogging in the third person this week.. will be revealing I think.. seeing what we think our little companions think of our lives.. really good fun x