Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hudson's Diaries - Day 5

I made a call to monkey to arrange to go out on a date to a Chinese restaurant.

I read an interesting article in the paper about a little boy with autism and a cat. Don't I look intelligent here?!!!!!!

Mum loves to read and we usually take a look on Nannny's bookshelf when we visit for any new additions. As if she really needs any books. Dad says our house is kitted out better than the local library!!

                                I had time to relax listening to music before meeting Monkey. 
It was Tom's 16th birthday last night- and Amy and he had finished all their exams, So all the humans were meeting up for a meal at a Chinese restaurant.  They play Happy Birthday over the tannoy when they bring the birthday cake out. Monkey and I had a quiet corner table and left them to it.

When we got there - we witnessed a bit of a drama. A couple of young humans were running like they were practicing for the Olympics, past us through the door. Then one of the Chinese waiters followed them to see if he could run faster!!!!!!!! The two young people had eaten their dinner and then thought it would be funny to leave without paying. We were all 'spectating' through the window- and the waiter will win gold as he managed to catch the girl- and then the man came back aswell. Naughty people. The police did arrive to sort it all out.

Unfortunately Amy said 'Don't ask' about her last exam- and she needs to pass this one. We think she gets so nervous she brings on panic attacks - the teachers were quite worried about her. She is doing an extra year at school next year- so maybe she can retake this one aswell!!


  1. Happy Birthday Tom!
    Beautiful pictures, congratulations again ..
    I read the evening in the Chinese restaurant. Congratulations to the waiter!
    /I was also witness to such an escape. Score 1-0 for swindlers./

  2. Love Nanny's taste in books. Hope that you enjoyed your meal Hudson.

  3. Well done Hudson on enjoying your meal and making such good observations :)

  4. Happy Birthday Tom. Hudson I hope you enjoyed your date with monkey. especially with all the excitement. You've certainly had a busy day today.

  5. well done hudson on the date!