Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hudsons Diaries Day Six


I know mum loves taking photos- Holly poses all too often!!!!!! So thought I'd grab a camera and have a go today. It is lovely and sunny- so we thought we'd take Holly out for a nice long walk. We had to go quite early- because she gets spooked too easily later in the day.

I thought I might see some wildlife if I borrowed grandads binnoculars. I know dad is desperate to photograph a kingfisher. He has seen one when he didn't have his camera- but not since. Holly and he go to the same nature park EVERY Saturday and lots of people take their cameras and tell him they've just seen this elusive Kingfisher! Don't tell dad- but look at my very first shot!!!!!!!!! I must be a brilliant birdwatcher!

We were also going to do something called gardening today. It sounded a bit like hard work- so thought I'd hide amongst the greenery until the phase passed!!!!!

We went for a nice long walk and I did make myself a daisychain for my hair (what- you're saying 'What hair'!!!!!!!!!)- but the camera needs charging AGAIN!!!!!!!! Anyway- Holly and I have made a truce- we were both shattered after that nice long walk and had 40 winks together!!!!!!!!! I still want to live quite high up though- because I think she forgets herself and I might get an injury!!


  1. Oh sweet, looks like Hudson's having a great week!

  2. Good for Hudson to keep in shape !

  3. Hudson you are really clever taking such a brilliant photo and well done on tiring Holly out. I don't blame you for wanting to stay up high.

  4. Hudson you have had a great day with the camera, good shot of the kingfisher- you are a natural!

  5. Congratulations on your wonderful pictures! You are imaginative.
    I looked at your photos with great interest.
    I'll miss the Hudson!

  6. Well done Hudson using that camera and finding the Kingfisher!
    I think you found a lovely resting place and how kind of Holly to allow you to rest on her!!

  7. Well done on the gardening and the kingfisher, brilliant :) xxx