Friday, 8 June 2012

Vintage and catch up

We were in a really interesting part of Birmingham today that we've never seen before. It's called the Custard Factory- funnily enough set in the grounds of a former Custard factory. It is full of bars, pavement cafes, boutiques, arty areas and sculptures. It would have been wonderful on a nice sunny day. This photo is a Vintage shop with a mannequin sat outside. It really was a quaint looking place.

  IN THE DISTANCE- lots of the areas were set around courtyards, through galleries and into more courtyards.We'd never been to the restaurant we were headed to before- so we were looking for some clue where to go. Then- in the distance we spotted it.. An American Diner called Bar 78.
  ROADSIDE- this pavement cafe was surprisingly quiet today!!!!! I think it was just a little too close to the road- and cars did go down this part even if it had been sunny!!!!!!
One of the sculptures we passed in the car- looking for the bar and somewhere to park

 REACHING UP- this sculpture was suspended high in the air and one of the figures was reaching up.

BOLD- this one is overdue by a long time. The graffiti down by the canal which was by the old custard factory building- I guess they shipped it all that way originally. Birmingham is supposed to have more mileage of canal than Venice. One of the boutique type shops sold only aerosol paint supplies. Ordinary aerosols and then smaller ones obviously for finer detail work. I'd never seen a shop like it before- but obviously these graffiti artists must shop somewhere!!

                              One of the shop window displays- obviously didn't like the rain.

                                   The Old Custard Factory building- Digbeth, Birmingham. We had to park in a really dubious looking car park that resembled a swimming pool.

Our International Cuisine Meal 4- Bar 78, an American Diner. We had a burger and chocolate fudge cake. This was our 4th meal due to be taken in April. We had the groupon vouchers for the correct month but Guy has been working ridiculous hours and we hadn't booked it. He's off this week- cue the rain, so we decided to go today. We had got a voucher for the girls aswell- but Amy pulled a face about us wasting her revision time, so we decided to go without them!!!!!!!

Another arty area- stark white, very minimal with a tree growing through a hole in the ceiling. Two men were reading a paper in one corner and spoiling the overall minimalist look!!!!!!


  1. wow that looks cool.. must explore round there some time! im trying to convince dh that i NEED to see the new rhino in the gay quarter! love all your photos, but i think the reaching up is my favourite.. well done for catching up!

    1. It is well worth seeing- probably a mid week when the kids are at school sunny day would be good!!!!!! Where is the Rhino- is that in Birmingham? Not even heard of that!!!

  2. I can remember going to Digbeth on a primary school trip and going on a canal boat (I'm from Solihull originally) I watched a programme with Julia Bradbury recently where she walked from here to Worcester (where I went to uni) along the canal. My great grandparents were lock keepers at Lapworth.

    1. I didn't know you were from Solihull, Jo. I grew up just down the road from there!! How fascinating that your great grandparents were lock keepers!

    2. I actually grew up in Bentley Heath and have family in Dorridge and Knowle.

  3. well done on finding vintage out and about today, all we found were puddles, lol. Great photos in your catch up

  4. Great photos! Congratulations!
    / I hurry to write this and began to read what is written. /
    Thank you for sharing this with us!
    Good luck!

  5. What fantastic photos. I really want to visit the Custard factory.

  6. Hi I am back and like Viv I too want to visit the Custard Factory area and probably will as we stay with friends outside Birmingham at Hednesford

    Kim some great and interesting photos which fitted several days words!! Well done you!