Monday, 11 June 2012


Holly looking horrified that I have chosen her for today!!! Her face is greying quite a bit and although she still thinks she's a puppy she tires a lot quicker. She doesn't know when she's done too much- so we have to be careful. She'll jump in every piece of water she finds- and won't ALWAYS come out when she should. A couple of times Guy has thought he'd have to go in after her. Offering to throw a ball or a stick is the best way to get her back within reach!

One sign of her increasing age is that my sil's dog no longer sees her as an alpha female (Holly's always been the bossy sort!) and had a go at her the last time they met. They won't be meeting again.!!!! We also heard some sad news that his other sister is walking out on her husband- he is utterly devastated. She hasn't officially told Guy yet - but it's a shame that we probably won't see him again. She took a job that involved a lot of working away for weeks at a time rather than weekly and I think she got used to living the single life again. Their youngest is about to go off on a gap year- so maybe she's been waiting for that.

It's Guy's birthday tomorrow and the Olympic Orbit Tower tickets arrived in time to wrap! The actual Olympic tickets haven't arrived yet. I'm beginning to think I haven't left enough time for the Orbit Tower as it says it is a 15-25 minute walk from the nearest train stations!!!!! We get into London early enough- but I thought the train got us to one of the nearest stations!


  1. Holly looks really sweet. The funny thing is the get " grey hair " too. Rhea has plenty. Happy birthday to Guy, there are sooo many Gemini around !

  2. Happy birthday to Guy for tomorrow hope you have plenty of time for the orbit tower.

  3. Happy birthday to Guy for tomorrow!
    Wonderful photo!
    Kim, you have the coolest and accurate comments. I often use them ... / this is a compliment /