Sunday, 1 July 2012


Today was NOT a grumpy day- these two were having the time of their life- so their HAPPY faces had to be my photo for today!!! I'm using 'opposites'. We decided to go and see the Olympic torch leaving the city centre this morning at 6am. We were up at 4.30 to ensure that we got there ok!! It was a lovely atmosphere - even at that time of the morning. We watched the Torch leave Victoria Square and took a 'brisk' walk down New Street in the hope that we would catch it pass through the Bull Ring shopping centre. I saw 'Laura' waiting for the torch to arrive and placed myself RIGHT by her. The police cyclist with her was so lovely with her. People were calling her and asking to have their photo taken with her. She told her to turn and watch the flame coming towards her- it was HER TIME TO SHINE (the logo on the tour bus) and she should enjoy every moment. Her mum was stood opposite me - bursting with pride! I was sooo lucky to see them transfer the flame. Then as she was walking rather than running- was able to get ahead to take a few more photos. One woman by me- said it was like getting up for a holiday - without taking a case along! It was a holiday atmosphere.. One thing that occurs to me looking through my photos- is that all the poor people opposite will have my 'image' in the background of all their photos!!!!!!!

I am using this tenuously as 'silhouette'- it's a wicker silhouette of the athlete Usain Bolt. When we walked back to the car- an athlete from the previous day was standing here to allow anyone who wanted to, to hold the torch and have their photo taken. I had a go- but the photo isn't for public consumption unfortunately- but an amazing experience non the less!!!!!

This was the time that the torch LEFT the city centre- 6.10 am!!!! St Martins is a Gothic Church- so is starring for the Gothic theme. The bells were pealing and a band was playing - it really was a lovely thing to be a part of. Two athletes/gymnasts put on  a display. I have no idea what category they are- my sister reckons there is a mixed gymnast display.

We went home for a cooked breakfast and then off to see my niece perform in a Broadway show. They were singing songs from the musicals and Kimberley had a few 'shining' moments. My cousins daughter was also singing. They sang songs from Hairspray, Mama Mia, Little shop of horrors, Jeckyl and Hyde, Andrew Lloyd Webber , Cabaret and lots of others.


  1. Kim, an excellent day for you, glad you were so close to the flame and then saw family in that show
    Glad no grumps around!!

  2. Using opposites is a brilliant idea, it give 2 shots at the same word, lol ! Well done and glad you had such a good day. xx

  3. I am so glad that everyone that sees the torch is still thrilled by it. It is really exciting isn't it.

    Great photos today Kim xxx

  4. what a lovely day and some great photos to capture the moment

  5. Great post, Kim!
    Thank you for sharing this joy with us. I am very glad to see that. What a lovely day!
    Congratulations on your amazing photos!

  6. Looks like you had a great day. The torch is coming to Cromer on Wednesday so we are hoping to go and see it here.

  7. Yes Kim, some days the word has to be the opposite.. like the lack of shadows in the mjrk of yesterday! Sounds like you had a busy uplifting weekend, that kind are the best and help us through the dreary ones!