Sunday, 17 June 2012

Hudson's Diaries DayThree

Well - we had a really exciting day today- I met Nanny and Grandad. Nanny was quite taken with me. She also provided lots of adventures for me to share another day. I'll let you into a little secret- she introduced me to a lovely monkey who could become my girlfriend. I'll share our first date tomorrow!!!!!

Here's Grandad- he said I could try his new mug out for size and I look rather good in it.

Then someone thought it would be funny to create the eagle carrying away one of my cousins in his new summer advert. They taped me with sellotape- oh the indignity!!!!!!!! I didn't find it very funny! They were shouting ' EAGLE'!!!!!!!!!!

I had to have one of the pink cakes that my mum loves so much to calm my nerves! Shhhh- don't tell her- Nanny let me!!!!!!! These nannies are wonderful- they let you have all the good stuff!

oooh- I forgot to tell you!!! On the way this morning- we decided to go and see this big wooden ship they are building in the city centre. Mum and Dad didn't have 2 pound in change between them- so they tried to register with a mobile to pay. The voice recognition didn't understand dad's brummie accent and he moved away to try and repeat the number plate. Our debit card number was registered and we THOUGHT that meant we'd paid! We got back- after finding that they hadn't actually STARTED building the ship yet, to a parking ticket on the car!!!!!!!! Then we discovered a text on the phone to say that the car reg wasn't registered!!!!!!!!!! Oooooppsssss- an expensive mistake. We were only away from the car for about 30 mins- and would only have cost 2 pound to park!!!!!!


  1. I like your post!
    Hudson is great! I love his shirt with that deer -with horns.

  2. That was a terrible mistake over the parking!!

    Clemmie isn't very happy as we left him at home when we went to see out DS and family yesterday and we left the camera too LOL!!

    Looking forward to hearing all about Hudson's date!!

  3. Lol, Hudson is fab. My fave (don't tell him) is the eagle shot! xxx

  4. We nanas and grandad can be fun can't they? I expect they have some good ideas for you for the week but it was a bit hard on you with the eagle. We're looking forward to see what happens on the date. Bad luck with the paring then not to see the boat.