Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hudson's Diaries- DAY TWO

Day Two in the Hudson Household

I knew that big hairy beast had her eye on me. My mum got in from meeting Emma and I was in her mouth!!!! She has a bad reputation with 'people' like me- so my adventures were almost over before they began. Mum has work today- so she thought she'd help me post my diary early! Anyway- we've had discussions and she won't forget to keep me on a high cupboard again!! I've got an important mission to complete. Least said about Holly the better!!!!!!

I had a lovely friend introduce himself and offer for me to look at his blog to see what adventures I should be having. Think mum thought she might get away with a few scattered photos. But Clemmie had lots of adventures. I also checked out all the new blogs last night- to see who might be the naughtiest this week!!!!!!!! I noticed that Anne MIGHT be including another one that looks a bit like our Holly- how scary!!!!!!!!!!! But I've heard she's a lot nicer with her friends.

Last night- something called wine o'clock happened. When we had our Jubilee party Guy's dad brought wine over- as he has the impression that mum likes a glass or two!!!!!! She doesn't know where she's got that reputation from- but her work parties (when she was a bit younger mind you) are legendary!!!!! Think she's a bit of a lightweight with the odd glass now though- because she left this one behind and it was ....hic....... delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! Well after that I had to have an early night.

We've got up nice and early and I'm hoping to have an adventure or two today. They are building a huge wooden ship in the middle of Birmingham. I didn't think the rain had been that bad! Next week they are doing performances of the Voyage at 10pm from Thursday. It's free- so now that mum spent all that money on that silly crafting stuff the other day - we might be popping along with warm coats and an umbrella. That sounds like a good adventure for me.

Tomorrow I'm off to see Grandad to wish him a Happy Fathers Day- I've bought Guy a nice T shirt and I think Holly has bought him a card- so I must make one later. I can't let her win the popularity stakes.

Anyway- hope your Saturdays are a bit more exciting than mine is going to be. I haven't negotiated whether I have a ticket to ride into Birmingham yet. Cameras and work are a bit dicey!!!!!


  1. Excellent, Kim!
    Great photos! Congratulations!

  2. Glad that you were rescued from the hairy beast Hudson. Your tales brighten my day.

  3. Loving the third person debate about the wine! Amazing when you look back at yourself isn't it.. a little scarey too!

  4. Big hairy beast, ROFL ! And look at Holly's face ROFL !
    Such fun to read you, Hudson !

  5. Love to see Hudson and Clemmie 'skyping'! Great post and well observed Hudson xxx

  6. hope you manage to keep out of hollys way, and be careful with the wine, lol. Enjoy tomorrow!

  7. LOL another toy on the look out for alchohol!! I think we might have a real friendship going between our 2 guys!!

    Happy Father's Day in your household tomorrow, hope Hudson manages to do a card!!!

  8. Hope you enjoy your day in Birmingham. I'd book a place on that boat if I were you. I think you are going to need it.

  9. Just catching up with the adventures of Hudson - I reckon there would be fun if Hudson got together with my Ellie!! x