Thursday, 21 June 2012

So long, farewell!!!!!!!!!!!

'I'm leaving on a jet plane...............'

I was looking out at the rain today and the rain is really depressing. So I looked out my bucket and spade and decided to book a holiday in the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mum had an email yesterday to say that a dog food company who use facebook, want to use Holly's beach photos as part of their seasonal blogs, or promotions!!!!! She entered a competition that she didn't win- but they liked her photos!!!! So can't let Holly grab all the limelight!!!! I'm off to take some Monkey beach shots!!!!!

I bought a 'permit to travel' and I'm out of here!!!!!!!!!!! I've loved every minute of this week- but I fancy a bit of travelling to broaden my life experiences!

So now it's all booked- a bit of exercise to get into trim for all those beach shots!!!!!!

                                           These press ups are absolutely exhausting!!!!!!!

ooooh- need a breather!!!!!!

So- I've been to Asda to get something to eat on the journey. Some sushi and bacon and egg sandwiches. I bought some bananas to pack in my little monkey case. I've got my back pack and the 'nanny wagon' packed and ready to travel. I am negotiating to borrow mum's kindle for the journey. I also have my Olympic tickets- will have a day in London whilst that is going on!

So long, farewell- I bid you all adieu!!!!!!!!!!! I've loved meeting you all and reading about all of your adventures. Who knows maybe we'll meet up again later in the year!!!!!!!!



  1. Very nice farewell!
    Again, great photos and great collage!
    Hudson for me was a real pleasure to read about your adventures!
    Congratulations to Kim!

  2. Good Bye Hudson and well done to Holly !

  3. What a great Au Revoir, I really like Hudson..he has real personality.. x

  4. Hope to see you soon Hudson, my human and i smiled at a lot of your adventures and i hope you have a nice holiday! Do send me a postcard... and visit me some time later for a surprise! I am not so lucky as to go on holidays, i will still be going everywhere with my human, only i think i will be attached to her bag again.. bye for now and maybe well all meet up again. Vlad

  5. This really put a smile on my face this afternoon! Amazing news about the photos. Wow!

  6. Have a great holiday, Hudson. I have loved reading about you and all the other toys.

  7. bye hudson, i have really enjoyed following your adventures this week, hope to see you again soon.

  8. Enjoy your travels Hudson, hopefully we will meet up later in the year

  9. Yay for you and your adventures Hudson :) xxx

  10. Bye Hudson......will miss you but so glad you are going on an adventure or two, "AU revoir"