Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Our garden table is quite weathered now! We've just been out for a lovely Thai meal and I fancied another glass of wine when we got back. It's 'light' wine- more like fizzy pop really!!!!!

 The food at the restaurant was absolutely delicious. The starters were so pretty!!!!!! My curry was advertised as 'smooth'- and I really enjoyed it. It had chicken, diced potato, fried onion and peanut in it. They came on their own little food warmers with side dishes of noodles and rice. We were sat in a window seat and I loved people watching. It was in Lichfield- which is quite a nice area. There were two police dogs in training enjoying a drink outside a pub!


  1. sounds lovely, enjoy your wine on your weathered table :)

  2. Your meal looks great. The best place for wine must be at a weathered table.

  3. WE go to Lichfield when we stay in Hednesford with our friends :)

    Like the photo for today :)

  4. That sounds blissful, I admire that you all eat out regularly :)

    It also sounds delicious and your furniture looks lovely too and your garden looks fabulous xxx

    1. lol - we don't usually go out much. But we decided this year to try and do an around the world challenge and try some different restaurants- using groupon vouchers to keep it cheap!!!! Really enjoying it.

  5. Sounds like a lovely evening !

  6. Great photos!
    I agree with Anne - a lovely evening!
    /I thought that the glass is tempered /Weathered/ glass!/