Monday, 9 January 2012

Water- 9:352

Not my favourite subject at the moment!!

We've had an issue with our drains since the New Year. We were told it was a shared drain and had to call our water board out. I waited in, the first set of operatives did nothing- and then despite being guaranteed they would be there within a certain timescale they weren't. We had to escalate it to management level to get anywhere. They came out on Friday evening at 9.30 until around 11. They did say they thought we would probably get a problem again. Yes- by Sunday the drains were blocked again. We called last night and were assured a morning appointment- I called this afternoon and was promised a call back within 2 hours to tell me why they didn't call this morning- not when they would be here.

Anyway- we are putting an official complaint in- and looked up their complaint procedure and guaranteed service standards . They won't give me the CEO's email- so I will email the 'generic' complaint and send it recorded delivery to him aswell!

I was really tempted to use our photos from yesterday- had some lovely shots of our dog swimming and attempting backstroke!!!


  1. Oh dear :( drains are never fun! Hope you get sorted soon!!

  2. We used to live in a property where the sewage used to regularly overflow into our drive. Not a pleasant thing!