Friday, 6 January 2012

Frost 6:365

This one had me a bit stumped- as I saw it after dh took the car to work that had needed clearing this morning. I was going to take the little cookie christmas tree we picked up in the bargain bin at Sainsburys for dd to make. I was going to add some icing sugar for frost- BUT after following the declutter calendar, any old food stuff was consigned to the bin a couple of days ago. So it's had a frosting of normal sugar. But not really happy with that- so I ran upstairs to dig out some 'frosty' christmas decorations that are waiting for dh to put in the loft. One is a lilliput lane cottage and really sweet, the pine cones came from the 99p shop this year!

Emma's 99p Christmas cookie tree

I'm sure this will be devoured after school. But not by Amy. She has a really bad toothache today. As I am waiting in for the drain men and her actual dentist is in another county I asked dh to get her an emergency appointment. I don't think he phoned until lunchtime as she can't get in until tomorrow. The local pharmacist gave me some tablets that she can alternate to try and keep the pain at bay until then. It seems to be easier- was worse overnight- but think that's always the case with toothache. She did think it was her wisdom teeth coming in- and I remember mine being painful- but the pain is worse today and need to see it isn't a tooth issue. Her last x rays did suggest that one wisdom tooth was lying funny- so possibly if it has started to try to emerge it could be the culprit. She has braces on at the moment- so we might need the orthodontist to remove the lower ones- not sure if the dentist can do that and then we can try to get in to the orthodontist later. I know they said if the wires broke they could reattach them - but it would put the treatment back and she really wants these braces off as soon as they've done their job.

Unfortunately- as part of her bday pressie we'd arranged a full head foil, cut and blowdry for her using a groupon code- which saves a fortune. I phoned them to see IF we could find someone else to go they would accept a change- but she agreed to rearrange the appointment for me. I would have got the wrong time anyway- as I thought it was booked for 9.30, not 9! We haven't had much luck with groupon- the canvas I ordered for Guy still hasn't arrived and it was a struggle to get the log cabin booked.

We still have a drain problem which is getting worse. Severn Trent turned up 4 hours after the emergency 24 hours and stayed 10 mins without even inspecting my drain I think. THey didn't know where the manhole was- and apparently they aren't sent out with useful info like that- OR have the technology to download it. He said they'd send a van out to jet the drains- which is what dynarod said wasn't what was needed.

I phoned up this morning and they said they'd be out THIS MORNING before 2!!!!!!!!! It's now 1.15 and not seen anyone yet. I will be extremely annoyed if they turn up in the dark yet. I am trying not to let anyone use anything apart from the toilet- apart from Amy helpfully had a shower AND put the washing machine on last night. If this is classed as an emergency I dread to think how long you wait for non essential work. I think it is going to mean someone getting annoyed now- and I'm likely to burst into tears rather than get stroppy!!! I think we need to get people out of the house this weekend IF it isn't sorted- as when everyone else is using their houses it's causing our drains to back up.


  1. Love the cookie tree, never seen one of those before

  2. That cookie tree looks so cute! Love the frosted decorations :) Hope DDs tooth is better soon!

  3. Clever interpretation. Love it !