Saturday, 14 January 2012

Guilty Pleasures 14:365

I wasn't sure what to add as my guilty pleasure! I have many!!!! We still have a box of Thorntons left over from Christmas- but only because they are unopened. I have loads of books around the house and have at last managed to train myself to walk PAST a bookshop! I collect cook books and am trying to do 52 new recipes this year- so that they see a bit of use.

But think IKEA is one of my biggest guilty pleasures- I find it virtually impossible to browse!!! I always come home with stuff I didn't know I needed. Today we bought 2 boxes of white plates. I am trying to declutter and buying MORE stuff really doesn't equate. But the idea is to get rid of the assortment of plates we have collected over the years that no longer have matching 'friends'. So the counter tops have plates and bowls to go down to the tip tomorrow and the new ones are in the dishwasher ready to go in their freshly springcleaned cupboard- and EVERYTHING now matches.

My other guilty pleasure is 'mugs'. I love collecting them- almost as much as dh HATES them.


  1. Luckily, we don't live near an Ikea, or I would be considerably poorer!

  2. Ikea has that power to suck you in lol

  3. Oh if you got to Ikea, you HAVE to buy something!!!

  4. I too love IKEA...unfortunately our nearest one is a 300mile round trip:0(...x