Friday, 20 January 2012

'Signs' of a surfer girl 20:365

I immediately thought of the 'surf chick' signs in my daughters room. Since she was quite tiny she's been a water baby and took to surfing straight away. We holiday in Cornwall and love the surf. She's collected 'surf' pictures for years. Her coasters are surf themed, she has a lovely camper van on a beach canvas. She has a lighthouse shelving unit.

In fact apart from the lounge - all the pictures around the house are 'water' related, usually the sea! We all love the sea- and one day I will live closer! At the moment we live as far away as it is possible to be in the UK!

The other sign around the house today are the ingredients for recipe number 2 (it's about a week late- but we're getting there!). Tuna and Sweetcorn lasagne tonight and I'm also tackling recipe number 3- Streusel topped Peach and Pecan Cake. So we should be back on track then!


  1. Lovely surfy pics! I love Cornwall! And I'm coming round for dinner :D

  2. So interesting to enter into other people houses !
    I wouldn't mind coming for diner either !

  3. Tuna and sweetcorn lasagna sounds delicious! Unfortunately DD likes neither sweetcorn nor tuna, lol.

  4. Fab Kim, i love the sea today, its always been my dream to live by the sea

  5. I want the pink camper in the picture. Gorgeous.