Thursday, 26 January 2012

Free choice 26:365

I met my mum for lunch in Birmingham today- but my camera battery was flat, so no touristy shots from the city centre. I've charged the battery since I got back and decided to take the 18th party goodies that I got for the girls today. My twins are 18 on Tuesday and I've been looking for streamers and balloons and badges etc to embarrass them.

Amy has decided to opt for driving lessons - but Emma just wants dvds and games. I've bought them a few bits and pieces to open. We sponsored a guide dog in their name for their birthday and Holly (the dog) has bought them a name a star set.

We will go out to their favourite Chinese for a meal and Amy will probably go out for a meal with her friends.


  1. How exciting, what a milestone :) I love all the bits and pieces.

  2. Looks like you'll be having fun :) Happy birthday to your twins!

  3. I can't imagine what my kids will be like by the time they get to that age...! Hope you enjoy all the preparation & excitement :-)

  4. i cant believe the girls are 18!!!!!! well i shouldnt be that surprised being that dom is 18.. looks like youre having fun decorating