Thursday, 19 January 2012

19 Bad for you and 18 Pleasurable

This must be bad for you!!!!! My ironing basket and I have loads of washing still to catch up on aswell! Ironing and me have never got on- I can ALWAYS find something I'd rather do!!

18- Pleasurable

I spent a huge chunk of yesterday at the dental hospital with my daughter. She has a problem with an emerging wisdom tooth that is causing extreme pain and discomfort. She's been to the dentist who said it is just the wisdom tooth and she'd have to keep on taking the painkillers. I've spoken to the pharmacist on Sunday evening- as whilst I was at a crop they didn't go to get painkillers whilst the shops were open! So I had to find an emergency chemist that was open until 11. He said the ones she was on were the best combination. Anyway Tuesday evening it must have shifted again and she was in tears. So I decided we'd go along and wait to be seen at the dental hospital. They take registration from 8.30 and we were there not that long after that- after seeing Emma on her bus to school. Amy got ticket number 13- not a great start to the day. She had xrays which confirmed the wisdom tooth wasn't emerging crooked and pressing on nerves. But they said the pain was either due to the wisdom tooth movement, the brace 'shifting' her bottom teeth as they draw together, or something having caught at the back of her brace and irritating the gum line. She had a antibiotic mouth swill/clear out and some antibiotics- so hopefully that will help the inflamation and tenderness. If she still suffers pain- she'll need to go back to her dentist for more investigation on one tooth that has a large filling- incase the filling needs replacing. She says it is a little easier today- so hopefully the antibiotics are kicking in now.

I may try to upload the photo we took of her ticket number and the dental hospital leaflet!

Anyway- my kindle came into it's own yesterday. There was a lot of waiting around- but then having to immediately get up and into the treatment rooms when called. So I was able to start the UKS book of the month on the kindle and just pop it in my pocket when we were called. I am still not entirely convinced that the kindle will totally convert me- but haven't read much of any type of book this year. But it showed it's worth yesterday and provided me some 'pleasure' in the midst of a yukky morning!!!!!


  1. Oooh a jury is still out on that one too...I haven't got one but sometimes I think I would like one but then I think no...i would miss an actual book too much and I have a LOT of books so maybe that is the way forward!!!...x

  2. Your poor daughter! I would like a kindle but as I get most of the books I read from the library for free I can't really justify it. When the libraries catch up with kindle, I'll be there!
    As for the ironing, I'm not sure anyone likes ironing, I have an old fashioned pulley, so lots of stuff get hung up on hangers and doesn't actually need ironed which is brilliant.

  3. I chose laundry for today! I'm in two minds about a Kindle. Hope your daughter continues to feel better.

  4. I have a Kindle :) LOVE IT! HATE IRONING!

  5. I'm with Suzie...loathe & abhor ironing (if only my basket(s) were as 'full' as yours!!) but LOVE my new kindle! Like you mine was put to great use in the hospital waiting room this week!! :)

  6. There is a rule on our house: If you don't chose to buy "not to be ironed" clothes, you are welcome to iron them. That's naughty, but it's a fact that now, most of our clothes can go out of the dryer into the cupboard directly and that's really nice !