Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Motion 24:365

It was pouring down with rain this morning when I took dd to her bus stop and couldn't have taken the camera out. The moving traffic would have made an interesting photo with the bus lights against the dark skies. The planes were also coming in very low and had bright lights- but again my phone camera would have taken a little blob.

I've been watching for planes since I got back and must have missed them all!!!

The dog wouldn't even pop her nose through the back door- so the normal action girl wasn't playing (she doesn't do rain!)- so I was a bit flummoxed!

Anyway- I'm onto my third new recipe today- Streusal topped pecan and peach cake and tried to catch the mixer blades. The clearest photo is the one I've picked- but you can only see that it was moving from the mixture- so I included the other one aswell!

Holly really isn't entering into the spirit of the theme today! She was my sure bet for an action shot!


  1. That looks sooo good. I want a cake now !!!

  2. aha.. fantastic... the cake sounds yummy

  3. Aww, wish I'd seen your pics sooner. It'd have been a great excuse to make some buns in order to take some photos ;-)

  4. great pics .the cake sounds yum