Sunday, 22 January 2012

Walk 3/52 Castle Ring Cannock Chase

A new walk for us around Castle Ring- Cannock Chase.We've been on various walks around Cannock Chase as one of my best friends lives on the very edge of part of it. She regularly sees deer on her morning walk and my daughter is desperate to see them one day. Todays walk was a bit strenuous for me- lots of steep inclines and I don't do hills very well!!!!! Karen took Her German Shepherd cross Roxie and her sister took 2 dalmatians Oliver and Henry. Our dog is an alpha female and isn't always the best dog to walk with a 'dog' group- but she did fantastically today. As long as she has my dh throwing a stick or a toy she stays focused and she had a wonderful time. She went in EVERY bit of water she found and the other three dogs looked at her as if she was mad. Holly has kept up her weekly swim through January- and hopefully she'll be swimming in the sea next week.

We went back to Karens for a very welcome cup of tea before driving home. I managed to take one of her many candles for my 'glowing' photo today!

The dog is now asleep and I am comfortably exhausted!!!!!!!

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