Friday, 13 January 2012

Inside your fridge 13:365

I think my fridge is a year old this week. Our old one gave up the ghost last year after a defrosting session. It didn't like being moved. I'd had my heart set on one of these American style fridge/freezers- but whilst the old monster was plodding on it wasn't on our radar.Anyway we went looking at new fridges and I just couldn't tear myself away from these. I eventually settled on a fridge that I liked. I had a look online for the American fridge/freezers and found it 200 pound cheaper than the shops. Also it was from Boots- so we would get points (the fact that I forgot to get them added is by the by!!!!). We measured the door ways and although tight it looked ok.

So we ordered it and it arrived. But wouldn't fit through the gate! Hadn't even thought about the gate. THey had to trundle it round to the front and luckily (although not for them) next doors wall had been demolished and they managed to wheel it through. Then it got through our porch and front door no problem- but was mm too wide for the doorways!!!!!!! So they had to take the doors off (no idea why they didn't try that first!!!) and it got through the door.

Trying to get it through the door they did scrape it along the frame and there was a scratch on it. They took photos and phoned the head office who asked to speak to me. They said they could either take it away or offer me 100 pound discount. The scratch wasn't bad- and I have covered it with a metallic photo frame. So we agreed to the discount. So I got my beautiful fridge for 400 pound- and I still walk past it every day and I'm really glad that I decided to go for what I wanted rather than one I'd settled for. In the end- we got this one for less than 50 pound more than the ordinary style fridge I thought we'd have. It's the only appliance we've ever insured- the policy will fix it or replace it for it's lifetime. So I treat it as a savings policy for a new fridge- rather than insurance.

One of my friends did a front page newspaper thing for it online- so that i can scrap it one day as it really is my pride and joy!!!!


  1. I would probably have the same problem with the door from the living room into kitchen. For some reason it is much narrower than the others.

  2. lol...I had my heart set on a SMEG fridge freezer when we finished our extension...a pink one and I was getting my way with the colour but we decided that in the end the freezer bit(just a compartment really)wasn't going to be big enough(there are 6 of us!) even tho we have a full size larder freezer in the we ended up getting the american style one's great, ice and cold filtered water on tap!!

  3. That certainly looks a sizable fridge, and very well stocked and organised :D

  4. It is such an organised fridge and well done on the discount - I would have agreed to that too :0)

  5. Gorgeous and so well organised.